Hiya! 👩‍💻

Hi there! I'm a software engineer based out of Seattle, Washington. I currently work at Dropbox as an Android Developer. When I'm not building Android apps you can find me scowering my local Goodwill or cataloging the Seattle vintage apartment scene.


BSA, Computer Science; University of Texas at Austin
GPA: 3.58, minor in French


Presently is a gratitude journaling app for Android. Presently is open source and uses the Android Architecture Components. Read more about it here!
The Seattle Vintage Apartment Project
The SVAP is a cataloging project for Seattle apartments built before 1940. The data is collected in a Firebase Cloudstore database and can be viewed and updated using the Android client. It currently has over 300 apartments documented! Read more about it here!
Five Things
Five Things is a concept where every day at the end of the day you write down five things that happened. I’ve been writing about my life this way since January 1st, 2016 and I built a website and an Android client to support this practice. Read more about Five Things here!