Presently is an open source Android app you can use to write down daily gratitude entries. Users can navigate through a simple timeline view and to add and read entries. It was designed to be very minimal, with no extra bells and whistles. I built this app to fill the void for simple gratitude journaling apps and to try out Room. I also wanted to try my hand at some design, from the app icon to the Play Store assets.


  • Write and read gratitude journal entries
  • Export/import your entries to CSV
  • Reminder notifications
  • [Coming soon] Themes

Tech Stack

Presently is built using Android Architecture Components:

  • Room
  • Navigation
  • ViewModel
  • LiveData
  • Data binding

Continuous Integration

  • CircleCI with Github integration
  • Fastlane to manage my CI tasks
    • A lane to run unit tests and generate coverage
    • A lane to run static code analysis
    • A lane to build the app
    • [Coming soon] A lane to release the app and perform release related tasks
  • Code coverage tracked using a gradle task that would calculate my Jacoco coverage

The Design

Book templates

Future Plans

  • Themes, various colors and symbols for users to choose from
  • Updated tooling for releases (using Fastlane and Gradle)
  • Use the Jetpack Paging library for the Timeline view
  • Search
  • Integrate Github with Danger to put code coverage reports in pull requests

Check it out here in the Google Play Store and look at my source code on Github!