Presently is an open source Android app to record daily gratitude entries. It’s been a while since the initial release and I thought I’d post on update on all the new features and things I’ve learned along the way.

New Features

  • Search your entries using Room’s FTS
    • Room introduced FTS back in late 2018 and it allows you to search through your data by creating a searchable virtual table. This blog was incredibly useful for setting it all up.
  • Calendar navigation
    • Many users had left reviews or reached out to me asking for a way to quickly move to old entries or to add an entry for a day further in the past than yesterday. I had a lot of fun here playing around with animations and working on the motion for opening the calendar.
  • Themes
    • Picking the initial color scheme was such a hard choice that I knew from the start that I wanted to support multiple themes. I had a great time playing around with colors and I expect I’ll be adding new themes in the future.


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Presently App Website

I also threw together a quick little demo website for Presently here. Website Screenshot

Check it out here in the Google Play Store and look at my source code on Github!